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Instrument Cables

Steel Series Instrument Cable provides the perfect marriage of tone and durability. Likely our most capable cable for the road, the steel series was designed with the gigging musician in mind. Ultra flexible and covered from tip to tip in our tangle free techflex sleeving, this is the go to choice for the "set it and forget it" type.

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Our Gold series cable is our best-selling option. Arguably the most transparent at it's price-point, Pietronix Gold Series cables are the go to choice for live and studio performers across the globe. Guaranteed for life, these products are also treated with our stain, scent and tangle free tech-flex sleeving providing a uniquely pleasurable cable experience. Say goodbye to stinky, stained and tangled cables!
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n. D. P.
Our most coveted line, the N.D.P. series cable is one of the cleanest sounding cables in North America. Found in various studios around the world, these products are virtually unsurpassed in transparency and quality. Every possible care has been taken to ensure these cables are the very best we could provide. We believe the results speak for themselves. Handmade and guaranteed for life, every one of our N.D.P. series cables was crafted with meticulous detail.
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