"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."
- Thomas Reid

Don't let it be your cables.

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Each and every one of our products are carefully assembled by hand using only the finest materials available in our shop in Central Oklahoma. Each component is carefully inspected before, during and after the assembly process to ensure a level of manufacturing quality unmet by current standards.

Seeing as all of our products are handmade, we thought it a good idea to participate in the good ol' fashioned tradition of accountability. Therefore, the signature of the assembler who made each cable is provided on every product.


Ahh the ever important, undefinable, mystical "Tone". We understand how important each musician's individual sonic identity is and at Pietronix, we do everything we can to ensure the most transparent signal transfer possible.

All of our cables are made with broadcast quality conductors and connectors providing industry leading clarity.


At Pietronix, we understand the rigors of the working musician, we've been there. So, we decided to design our cables from the ground up to handle any situation you might find yourself in. Incorporating innovative cable coverings, our products are unsurpassed in durability and also possess a detangling quality unique to the industry.

Indoor, Outdoor, Stage and Studio, Pietronix cables are ready for whatever your throw at them.

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speaker & Audio
We wanted to bring Pietronix clarity and reliability to your entire sound chain. Our new Speaker and Audio cables category offers you an even greater variety of cable options from personalized unshielded speaker cables, to color-coded stereo headphone extension cables.
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Our hand crafted instrument cables are the perfect choice for those who love quality and demand reliability. We offer three different lines of cables, Steel, Gold and N.D.P. Think of it as awesome, awesomer, and awesomest. Guaranteed for life, these products are also treated with our stain, scent and tangle free tech-flex sleeving providing a unique cable experience. Say goodbye to stinky, stained and tangled cables!
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As part of our mission to provide the highest quality materials in our cables, we have incorporated silver strand conductor wire to our Microphone Cable line. This thick-gauge, quad-core, shielded cable brings unmatched durability and clarity to the arsenal of professionals in both the live sound and recording industries, from the engineer to the musician. Our Mic cables are available in a variety of different colors and lengths to match your needs and unique personality.
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We Support Artists

At Pietronix we love and support our sponsored artists to the best of our ability. So much so we stick them on the front page! Check out Kalo's New Album "Wild Change" available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.